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Please Consider Helping The Jewish People In Ukraine!!! 

‘“Up, up! Flee from the land of the north,” says the LORD’ Zechariah 2:6
Ukraine is where Ebenezer’s operational ministry began. In his hotel room in Odessa on 20 December 1991, as he prepared for Ebenezer’s first sailing to Haifa, Gustav Scheller, the ministry’s founder, spoke prophetically about seeing ‘the vision come to pass’. Ebenezer’s birth had taken place at the beginning of 1991, during the first Gulf War, when the Lord spoke to a group of intercessors in Jerusalem saying that now was the time to help the Jewish people return from the ‘land of the north’, which includes Ukraine.
The strategic importance of Ukraine cannot be under-estimated, for it sits on a dividing line between opposing political views: the East (Russia) and the West (Europe and the USA). That is of profound international significance. It would be a mistake to think we can watch these unfolding events on our television screens as spectators from a safe distance!  What we have witnessed in Kiev could set off a chain reaction of events that could easily spiral out of control. We have seen the dramatic rise in anti-Semitism across Europe and underlying the recent events in Ukraine are, to quote Mark Almond, a leading historian, ‘the older European demons of nationalism and anti-Semitism’!
This is a spiritual battle even more than it is a political struggle. Therefore, seeing what is before us, we must earnestly pray and intercede for Ukraine and for the Jewish population, that they would recognise the clear warning signs and respond to the message our dedicated teams are taking to them. 
Vadim, Ebenezer’s Director in Ukraine, is increasing our operational activity on the ground and we will bring in additional team members to support the task. During this recent uprising our staff members have witnessed opportunist bandits and looters stalking the streets of Kiev. Please pray for the Lord’s protection over our teams as they continue to work in this hostile environment. They continue to hand out humanitarian aid as well as urgently encouraging Jewish families to begin the process of making aliyah.
In these tumultuous, uncertain days in Ukraine it is vital that Jewish people leave for Israel now! Please help us through your prayers and financial donations.  It costs approximately US$500 to bring home to Israel a Jewish family from Ukraine. Please prayerfully consider making a donation to work of aliyah in Ukraine and the ten other countries of the Former Soviet Union where Ebenezer’s teams are working.
Alan Field
CEO and International Coordinator

family with Connie and Donna
Anya with man

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