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Operation Exodus Canada Updates

Aliyah Report:
In 2015, Operation Exodus Canada was able to provide financial assistance to 9 Canadian Jews, all single.

This year, we have already received applications from a total of 52 people...two couples, 2 singles and 9 families. This number represents a dramatic increase in aliyah activity from Canada, which we expect will continue!


Roni says, "I decided to return to
Israel because I understood in my
heart that God wanted me here.
Israel is the land of my birth. I've
always longed to return to this
land. Now I am home where
I belong!

Periel-another young person we assisted
in making aliyah!





Board members Eric and Rozlynn Morneau were featured in the May issue of Mayim Magazine.
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My Engage Israel Trip-An inspiring report submitted by Victor
Shalom...it has been the best summer I ever had, not just because of Israel, but because of the One I met there – The Lord Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew).
I started planning my trip Jun 11th when I accidently saw the promotional video on Facebook via Taiwanese social media and I knew that it was not an accident. So, a little bit more than one month before the trip started. I submitted my application and after the reply I realized that I needed an Israeli Visa and some money (which was not a small amount for me).
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Victor, Sarah, and Rejoice
Our Canadian Engage Israel Representatives 

Here's Rejoice's Report - another great read!                    
  If you'd ask me before what my greatest dream was...my answer, without a second thought,  would be to visit Israel. A trip to this historical country was number one on my bucket list. Despite a general feeling that things would be well, a few naysayers tried to cast a gloom. However, their negative comments did not stop me from registering, booking a ticket and experiencing the most memorable trip I've ever had.
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Be part of a generation to see God's prophecies fulfilled!

Engage is the connection point for young adults into Operation Exodus. Through our trips to Israel and getting together at events across the globe, Engage provides a platform for our generation to go deeper in our understanding of God, His covenants with Israel and the roots of our faith. Lets join together in this adventure that is knowing, loving and standing for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, and take an active part in seeing Him move today through prayer.


*Check out 2 of our Canadian representatives'experience
with Engage: Israel on the bottom left!